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Another anecdote about Blackjack took place this time in Las Vegas, specifically the Golden Nugget casino in the fifties. Frank Sinatra and his inseparable friends clan, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Law ford and actress Angie Dickinson, along with two lesser-known friends, entered the famous casino in Las Vegas and decided to sit down at a blackjack table for face a croupier who was reputed to be very lucky and tough.

His idea was to dispel that reputation, wasting, thing that put all their capacity gamblers. It was useless. The bank beat them all, and ended up losing all their money on the table. Sinatra, admired, told the dealer.' You're really good, and you're very lucky. If one day I put a casino, it's you I want my Blackjack croupier. The house will be safe with you.

When later, Frankie purchased several casinos in Las Vegas, kept his word. The dealer was hired for one of its premises, and apparently never was ousted by any player. Also in Las Vegas, an Arab sheik, tourism in the United States, playing blackjack one night, and was fortunate to face, eventually winning a fortune, as the company's premises allowed, given the category-and pocket - the player, who had no limit on bets.

Sheik won two million dollars that night, almost insignificant sum for him, as it receives more daily in their country for oil it produced, but to be a winner given the natural euphoria, and was more generous as the visitor has passed through Las Vegas on a blackjack table.

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The casino bonuses are one of the many advantages that the online casinos offer. There are many kinds of casino bonuses that attract the new players and keep the member players to stick to the casino. The sign-up or welcome bonus is offered to attract the new players. The player has to open an account with a reputable casino and a welcome bonus is automatically deposited in his account. This bonus can be used to play games and in case you win, you can get it cashed. In case you lose, well, you haven’t lost any real cash. This bonus is limited.