90 Balls Online Bingo

The aim of the game is to get all the numbers in a carton before any other player, but there are other ways of making gain depending on the type of bingo. The origins of bingo are not clear and are full of legends, some say dates back to Roman times, but the most popular theory is that it was originally a game that was being played in Italy in 1530.

Later in the eighteenth century the game began to be played, where the game evolved into its current form and rules. At that time the game was very popular among the nobles (gentry of the time), and became popular in other countries. It is also said that the game will use Germany and other European countries to teach children to familiarize and learn numbers.

Later the game comes to America and here the game became popular at fairs where the pitchman drew a number of cardboard snuff box and players would mark their cards in their numbers using beans. Hence the supposed origin of the name at that time "Beano", which come from the name of the beans in English "beans".

There is also a legend that says that this Toymaker asked a mathematician from Columbia University that would generate as many different cards and it got over 6,000 different combinations before going crazy. A Edwin likes the game and began to organize games in New York. In one of those games a player with nerves shout "BINGO" instead of "Beano" and Edwin likes this more than the original name and change it.

Top Casino Bonuses

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