Online Blackjack

The presented scheme, according to the following argument: when choosing the card whenever the value of the cards is less than 8, check if you get a value higher than 16 Once you get a card with the same value, look to the left of a value greater than half the sum of the two cards, for example, if both cards are equal to 10, find the 5.5. When you get an ace and 5, find the line A, 5, and when the next card will have a value of 2, find the line A, 7 (5 +2).

No need to be a specialist in mathematics to win at Black Jack. Adherence to the regimen, will lead you to victory. To explain to you what the system is based, we will present an example. Suppose you got a card with the total sum equal to 12 and the dealer's face-up card has a value of 5, in this case suggests a strategy to check the card. Intuition may prompt you otherwise, because the gap between 12 and 21, is quite large, so you might want to take another card, but given that the deck is a very large number of cards with a value of 10, the risk of the selection of the next card you have is pretty big because of the risk you are exceeding the 21 (from English busting) (5 +10 +10 = 25). In our case, we advise you to check the card, because it is related to lower risk, and it will protect you from certain defeat.

At the very beginning, you have a lot of difficulties in using the scheme, but do not worry, the more and more you play with pattern, the faster you master the skills, and even learn it by heart. Therefore, if you are going to use for the first time presented diagram, print it out and keep it with you during the game. We give you the opportunity to test the scheme, thanks to a game.

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